A flat lay of baby items used to announce a pregnancy

Creative ways to announce your pregnancy

You've found out you're pregnant and you want to shout it from the roof top but you're short on ideas how you can best share the exciting news with your family and friends. 

When you are ready to announce your pregnancy, there are many ways that you can do it. 

A pregnancy announcement isn't just about telling the world you are expecting.

Your announcement is much more than just telling the world that you are having a baby. It's a time to share your excitement with family and friends, whether they live close by or they're on the other side of the world. 

People often choose to announce their pregnancies so that they can start celebrating before the baby arrives!

Some people choose to share their news online, while others prefer a more traditional approach—but either way, it's important to remember that this is one of the most exciting times in your life!

For those who want something a little different from the traditional pregnancy announcement postcard or photo album, we've compiled some innovative ways you could share your news.

  • One of the easiest ways to let people know that you're having a baby is by telling them in person. Set a date that the whole family can get together and tell them face to face. It's also a great idea to have a camera secretly filming their reactions as it's such a special moment that I'm sure you'll want to look back and remember.

  • Share the news over social media, try posting a photo or video of your ultrasound on Facebook or Instagram! It's easy and fun, so give it a try!

  • Make a video. If you have a friend who's great at making videos, ask them to make one for your big announcement! A creative video might be just what's needed for this kind of reveal—it'll show everyone how excited and happy the whole family is about becoming parents together!

  • Write a song. Your favourite musician may also be willing to write songs specifically designed just for this occasion. You could also try writing something yourself if there's time left before birth day arrives.

  • Take a picture of you and your partner or take a picture of you, your partner and the family pet.

  • Have a party. If you have family or friends who live nearby, invite them over for dinner or drinks. Or if not, invite them over via Skype or FaceTime and make it more like a virtual party.

  • Have a fun family game night. Once your family and friends have arrived, play a game of Charades. Make them guess the exciting news through the actions in the game. 

  • A surprise family photo. At your next family gathering, get everyone together for a group picture. When it’s time to take the photo, say “1, 2, 3, I’m pregnant!” Then, take a series of photos of everyone’s reactions. You’ll have the moment they all learned about your special news forever frozen in time.

  • Big brother/sister T shirts. For baby number 2 or 3, there are so many cute ways to get the older siblings in on the fun. You could dress them up in some cute shirts for a heart-warming pregnancy announcement photo.

  • Customised fortune cookies. You can have your exciting news printed and placed inside a fortune cookie, making it a great surprise when everyone breaks open their cookie. 

  • Another great resource for creative ideas is Etsy. They have many different ways you can personalise your exciting news. 

If you choose to share your exciting pregnancy news online, it's important  to remember; 

  • You're sharing your news in a safe place

  • Make sure you have permission to share the news.

We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for sharing your pregnancy news with the world. 

Good luck Mama, you've got this. 

Until next time x


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